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About Stenberg's History

Stenberg College was originally established in 1990 by Mary Jane Stenberg. In 2003, The Education Company Inc., (TEC) acquired Stenberg College. TEC was established by an experienced group of educators who founded and operated The Center for Digital Imaging and Sound (CDIS) from 1979 to 2003. In addition to Stenberg College, TEC manages a number of other educational institutions across Canada including the Centres for Arts and Technology (with campus in Kelowna, BC).

TEC is a value-based organization that believes in high quality education, student satisfaction and industry-relevant facilities. The Founding Principle of TEC is embodied in the following statement: “We believe in empowering people through education. We achieve this by delivering timely, holistic educational environments to targeted markets.” The educational practices and programming at Stenberg College are aligned with the values and principles of TEC.

Stenberg College offers a wide range of health care and human services programs and has a job employment rate of over 92% in area of study within 6 months of graduation. In direct consultation with the professional community, Stenberg College develops programs that are targeted at meeting industry demands for certain skill sets, thereby giving our graduates the highest possible opportunity for employment and success. In working with industry, we always seek information that will allow us to differentiate our program curricula and ensure our graduates become employers’ first choice.

Stenberg College sets a consistently high standard in post-secondary career training, with its:

  • Dedicated focus on health care and human services programs in high demand
  • Commitment to student learning
  • Commitment to excellence in teaching
  • Collaboration & partnerships with employers / industry / educational institutions
  • Commitment to graduate success