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“I chose the Cardiology Technologist Program at Stenberg College because I knew I wanted a career in health care, but wanted to get working and making a living as soon as possible. With their program, I was able to learn the necessary skills needed in a timely manner. I am a hands-on learner and this program was perfect for me. The college had the appropriate equipment needed for us to practice on so that we could understand the technology we would be using in our every day career. I enjoyed being able to actually use ECG machines and Stress Testing equipment instead of just reading about them in textbooks. Each instructor in the program genuinely cared about my success and was always willing to help me learn in any way they could. After the in-class portion of the course, I went back to my home province of Alberta for a 3 month practicum. I felt well prepared and was eager to be learning in a hospital environment. At the end of my practicum, I was offered a casual position at the same hospital. Only 2 short months later I obtained a full time permanent position at a private clinic which I have been at now for the last 3 years. My success is truly because of the knowledgeable instructors I had at Stenberg College. Still to this day I keep in touch with my former instructor, Ramon Estrella, sharing ECG’s and discussing challenging interpretations and cases. This is obviously another reason why I love Stenberg. The instructors and staff are always there for you from the time you call to inquire about the program to beyond graduation. Looking back I wouldn’t change a thing. Stenberg provided me with an exceptional career in Cardiology Technology that I am thankful for everyday”.

– Carmia
Calgary, Alberta