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Free College English Preparatory Program

To ensure that the needs of the students and to ensure that our college and industry are protected , we have recently developed a 2 month, 120 hour College English Preparatory (CEP) program. ESL students that do not meet the admission requirements cannot enroll into the program at Stenberg College until they have successfully completed the CEP program. From the Fall of 2007, the program will be provided at no charge to ESL students who will be enrolling in a Stenberg program

This 8 week integrated program guides the student through the four skills of English. Each week will cover one unit of an assigned text which will help the student to explore speaking, writing, reading and listening. These classes, taught by a qualified ESL Instructor are held Monday to Friday for 3 hours each day. (Total of 15hrs /week)

  • Speaking in the class will engage the students in group discussions, role-plays and debating.
  • Writing will analyze introduction/thesis statements, and the structures for an opinion essay as well as report writing
  • Reading will explore themes related to the units which students will comprehend and develop their vocabulary knowledge.
  • Listening will explore topics so students can summarize key points and learn to take effective notes.

The objective is for the student to gain communicative competence while improving their vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension, writing structure and grammar usage.

Assessment will be conducted on a weekly basis. Grammar competence, vocabulary development and speaking are the targets for students to accomplish.

The CEP curriculum will strive to make a difference in the communicative confidence of the students in the program. By providing students with an integrated English skills program it will provide particular assistance to those individuals planning to work in the healthcare and human services.

Ongoing English Program

Stenberg College also provides all ESL students in our programs with free ongoing instructor –led support. These classes which are taught by a qualified ESL Instructor are held Monday-Friday for 1.5 hours each day (total of 7.5 hrs/week) The On going support classes are designed to target specific areas of difficulty for ESL learners.

An integrated skills approach to learning English will focus the student on improving

  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Grammar competence
  • Writing and Editing
  • Pronunciation and Accent Reduction

Each class will target an integrated approach to learning English with the main goal of being communicatively competent and successful in their chosen field of study. The curriculum will provide the necessary support to those individuals planning to work in healthcare and human services

If a student is identified to be struggling as a result of ESL, the student services department is contacted to address the concerns. The student can then be mandated to attend ESL classes. In this way, we will be able to support students who have met program admissions criteria but whose English ability may limit them from excelling in their studies, on practicum and in the workforce.

The 2 programs that are offered to the student through Stenberg College (Ongoing Support and the CEP Program) will provide English support and ensure success for the entire course of their studies.

These College English Programs will strive to make a difference in communicative confidence through an integrated English skills approach (reading, writing, listening, grammar & vocabulary development) presented with interesting themes that students can relate to in their own lives.

Over 92% of our graduates are working in their field of study within 6 months of graduation

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"Learning English changes lives. The rewarding part for me is to be a part of the transformation that my students go through to achieve their future goals. Through this transformation they gain more confidence and understanding of the English language. What are you waiting for? Come join a class and experience the changes for yourself."
Lisa Semenoff, ESL &
Study Skills Instructor