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Why Study Education Assistant Program at Stenberg

Top Reasons to Choose Stenberg

1 The combined program delivery design is flexible and especially practical for adult learners that may be balancing other demands (such as family and work).
2 You can complete our Education Assistant program in less than 1 year, saving you time and allowing you to enter the work force quickly so you can start earning a wage sooner.
3 Each instructor is an expert in the content area being taught. Instructors have real world experience, so they can draw upon their own extensive work scenarios to broaden your education.
4 The program is intensive and evidence-based. After graduation, you’ll be well-prepared and work-ready, confident that you’ll be able to handle anything that comes your way.
5 The program is regularly reviewed and updated in consultation with industry to ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of employers.
6 More than simply learning a set of technical skills, our programs inspire and enhance personal growth and development. Stenberg College is committed to empowerment through education and ensures that students have the fundamental skills to excel in their program and to succeed in their life, both personally and professionally.
7 In its commitment to student success, Stenberg College offers its students an unparalleled range of support services including free ESL programs, study skills workshops, academic support tutorials, one-to-one student support and coaching sessions, personal and professional development workshops, and campus life events.
8 Our Career and Alumni Services team works closely with industry to develop relationships leading to employment opportunities for our graduates.

Speak to your Program Advisor for more details.