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Choose Our Nursing Unit Clerk Program

Top Reasons to Choose Stenberg

1 Not only will you be able to work in nursing units, you’ll be able to fulfill job functions within a variety of hospital departments.
2 Nursing Unit Clerks who graduate from Stenberg College are familiar with the protocols used at a wide variety of facilities in all health regions. Every hospital has its own way of doing things, but if you’re able to demonstrate an understanding of the unique protocols at the facility, you’ll have an advantage when you’re applying for employment.
3 You will learn how to use standard software applications used by experts who work in the medical profession.
4 You will receive current and relevant training on health authority computer systems that will enhance your employability.
5 Stenberg College graduates are recognized in the workplace for their high professional standards.
6 Each instructor is an expert in the content area being taught. Instructors have real world experience, so they can draw upon their own extensive work scenarios to broaden your education.
7 Stenberg has educational affiliation agreements with all of the health authorities in the lower mainland and across British Columbia.
8 The Nursing Unit Clerk Program Advisory Committee, whose membership includes managers and supervisors across different health regions, meets on a regular basis to review the program and confirm that it is meeting the needs and expectations of employers.
9 More than simply learning a set of technical skills, our programs inspire and enhance personal growth and development. Stenberg College is committed to empowerment through education and ensures that students have the fundamental skills to excel in their program and to succeed in their life, both personally and professionally.
10 In its commitment to student success, Stenberg College offers its students an unparalleled range of support services including free ESL programs, study skills workshops, academic support tutorials, one-to-one student support and coaching sessions, personal and professional development workshops, and campus life events.
11 Our Career and Alumni Services team works closely with industry to develop relationships leading to employment opportunities for our graduates.