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Top Reasons to Choose Stenberg

1 The Stenberg College Practical Nursing Program follows the Provincial Practical Nursing Curriculum (2011). With the increased utilization of LPNs in a wider range of settings, the new curriculum responds to what employers are looking for by emphasizing critical thinking, clinical decision making, leadership, cultural safety and interprofessional education and practice.
2 Simulation labs offer students the opportunity to practice and perfect their clinical skills in a safe and realistic environment.
3 Graduates are qualified to write the Canadian Practical Nursing Registration Examination (CPNRE). Upon passing the CPNRE, you can register and become licensed through the College of Practical Nurses of BC (CLPNBC).
4 Stenberg’s program includes Anatomy & Physiology 100 so that you are able to take this as part of their program (completed prior to the start of other nursing courses) instead of it being a pre-requisite for program admission.
5 Instructors are experienced nurse educators with recent, relevant nursing experience as well as adult education credentialing. This combination of experience and education allows them to deliver the curriculum while drawing upon real-life scenarios and best practices in higher education delivery.
6 Stenberg College instructors genuinely care about their students’ success and have office hours after each class session so that they are available to meet with students, answer questions and speak about their progress.
7 The Practical Nursing Program Advisory (with employers and practitioners as members) meets regularly to review and discuss the program to ensure that it is kept relevant and responsive to employer / health authority needs.
8 More than simply learning a set of technical skills, our programs inspire and enhance personal growth and development. Stenberg College is committed to empowerment through education and ensures that students have the fundamental skills to excel in their program and to succeed in their life, both personally and professionally.
9 In its commitment to student success, Stenberg College offers its students an unparalleled range of support services including free ESL programs, study and life skills coaching, career search assistance and campus life events.
10 Stenberg College has developed an on-line exam prep course that supports graduates in sitting the CPNRE exam. This course has extensive exam banks, with a format mapped to the CPNRE exam blueprint so that students get the best exam practice possible.