3 Resume-Boosting Tips for New Career College Grads

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When there’s a job opening within a company, it’s likely that there will be several people applying for the same position. And with their busy schedules, it’s possible that HR managers won’t have the time to give every resume a thorough reading. Knowing a few ways to boost your resume will not only make it more noticeable, but it can also increase your chances of snagging an interview!

Whether you’re enrolled in a career college, or have recently graduated from your program, read on to learn how you can ensure that your resume makes it to the top of the pile.

Your Resume Should Focus On Your Specific Career Goals

When applying for a position at a company, it’s important that the details of your resume focus on the job you’re applying for. Students enrolled in a second career college might find it challenging to add relevant work experience to their resumes. This is mainly because these students have likely embarked on a new career path; therefore, they probably have little experience in their new chosen industry.

It is important to remember that there are tons of transferable skills, which are relevant across most industries.

For instance, if you are applying for a medical office assistant position and you previously worked in a restaurant, you might add communication skills to your resume. Individuals working in restaurants are typically required to communicate with clients and colleagues in order to provide exceptional service. Communication skills are also essential to effectively helping patients within the medical office.

Provide Information About Your Career College Experience

As a career college graduate, your resume will no doubt include a mention of your new diploma. However, providing additional information about specific skills and your role within the college might earn your resume some extra attention. You can include details about:

  • Your role in student associations and functions
  • Specific skills and accomplishments you’ve earned
  • Internships or volunteer work you may have completed

Added details about your career college experience will likely catch the eye of a potential employer more than simply listing your diploma and graduation date would.

Help Employers Get To Know You Better With Additional Information

Every candidate will list their work and educational experience on their resume. In order to stand out from other candidates, try adding extracurriculars, such as volunteer work you may have completed, or perhaps your industry-related hobbies and interests. This information will provide potential employers with the opportunity to get to know you a little better.

Volunteer work demonstrates that you make time to give back to the community, and can also help you develop skills that directly apply to jobs that you’re looking for.

If you have any personal hobbies and interests that enable you to improve your skills, be sure to list those as well. Anything from reading and writing, to playing teams sports will give hiring officials insight into how you like spending your time.

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