Ace Your Business Accounting Courses with These Time Management Apps

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Business accounting trainingWant to get your professional accounting career off to a great start? There’s an app for that!

A range of mobile applications on the market were designed just for students, with some made specifically for those with Public Business Accounting (PBA) ambitions. Whether wanting to take efficient notes, schedule better workflows, manage assignment deadlines, or avoid procrastination, the modern PBA student can trust technology to help them along the way.

If you’re considering a career as a professional business accountant, the right training program and the following apps can make it that much easier for you to reach your goals. Here are our top three:

1. Timeful: Intuitive Time Management Software for PBA Students

Your choice to attend accounting school can mark a turning point in your life, setting you up for financial security and professional fulfillment in the long run—but like any big life change, it will also mean a big change to your schedule.

Apps like Timeful help make this transition smoother, as a sleek calendar and to-do-list combo that students can use to keep track of their classes, assignment deadlines, and home responsibilities in one place. What sets Timeful apart from other applications is its predictive and intuitive features—it uses intelligent code and the users’ algorithms to gather information on their habits and routines. Students then get custom scheduling suggestions and time-keeping tips that optimize their productivity.

New scheduling software can make it easy to balance school work with outside responsibilities.

New scheduling software can make it easy to balance school work with outside responsibilities.

2. Focus Booster: Keeping On Top of Your Business Accounting Courses

Focus Booster is modelled on the popular ‘pomodoro’ (Italian for ‘tomato’) technique: the process of cutting up one’s worktime into small, manageable chunks. Instead of trying to tackle the entire workload from your business accounting courses in one sitting, Focus Booster will help you break it down into shorter, high-powered work sessions that keep you as productive as possible.

Focus Booster also times your workflow process and offers you opportunities to schedule breaks away from studying into your sessions. You can track exactly how much time you’ve spent on a certain topic, and feel good about each of the well-deserved breaks you take, knowing they’ll help your information-retention in the long run.

3. Scanner Pro: Digitizing Your Business Accounting Program Coursework

Whether you’re just starting out in accounting classes or you’re already hard at work in the industry, Scanner Pro is a handy time-saving tool for any PBA’s pocket. It was designed for bookkeeping and paperwork professionals like those in the accounting field.

Since the accounting industry is quickly taking to the cloud, and more and more students are receiving training from business accounting schools, the need for swiftly digitizing documents is more pressing than ever.

Essentially this app lets you easily scan professional-quality paper documents into the digital world, connect them to Dropbox, email them, or share them in any other way you could think possible. Anyone who has completed a professional business accountant online program knows that Scanner Pro ensures that important accounting paperwork (often with valuable signatures) is entered safely online. For students, the app allows them to scan and save accounting readings in order to peruse them online, in transit or wherever and whenever they make the time to do so.

Take your business accounting courses on the go with technology like the Scanner Pro app.

Take your business accounting courses on the go with technology like the Scanner Pro app.

With simple and affordable tools like these, you can eliminate the minor stresses to earning the certification you deserve.

Are you ready to pursue your own diploma and enroll in a top business accounting program?

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