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On Thursday May 21st Stenberg students rallied together to participate in CAN-struction in support of the Surrey Food Bank. CAN-struction is an annual design and building competition that takes place in over 160 cities around the world. Participants build structures out of canned food that will be donated at the end of the competition to fill the food bank’s shelves. Stenberg’s CAN-struction competition was animal themed, so the structures had to be some sort of animal, real or imaginary!

Each team of students who registered to partake in CAN-struction received a package of canned and non-perishable food items as a starter kit for their creation. Students were allowed to bring up to 15 additional items to assist them in making their creation. The only other ‘tools’ students were allowed was an arm’s length of masking tape and their imaginations.


Teams dropped in throughout the day to work on their creations, including the CAT team who took the opportunity to quiz each other as they built their structure. Way to multi-task!


Our ECE students also participated from their offsite location, combining their efforts to build a CAN-napiller complete with legs and antenna.


Two Categories, ‘Most Creative’ and ‘Best Use of Materials’, were judged by Surrey Food Bank Director, Feezah Jaffer, and Stenberg’s own Director of Operations, Gary Karbar. There was also a “Fan Favourite” Category that students and staff had the opportunity to vote on throughout the day.


The winners are…

Most Creative: CAN-nucs (NUC 0515)

Best Use of Materials: CAN-nucs

Fan Favourite: SEA-enemies

The CAN-nucs creation was of a person (or minion?) fishing. Use of can colour and masking tape for fishing line helped them to win Most Creative & Best Use of Materials.

The SEA-enemies created “Bikini Bottom” complete with Squidworth the Squid/Octopus, Patrick the Seastar, Spongebob, and a Crabby Shack!


The day was rounded off with tea, coffee, water, and cookies being provided for students and staff to munch on as they voted for their favourite.

Thank you to everyone who participated or donated. We donated over 500 items to the food bank as a result of the CAN-struction challenge!

It’s coming… your mission is….if you choose to accept it…

To compete in MISSION POSSIBLE! The event starts on June 1st so register your team now to make sure you don’t miss out on any missions and the chance to win some awesome prizes!

…This message will self destruct in . . . 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . *KA-BOOM!*

Email [email protected] for details and to register.

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