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Wow… I can’t believe a year has passed so quickly. It seems like only a few months ago that my classmates and I were meeting for the first time at orientation. The time has finally arrived for us to graduate and move from classmates to colleagues in our cardiology professions.

Cardiology Technologist grad Brittany Marsh

This journey has had its ups and downs but with the support of our teachers, classmates, and support staff we have made it through. Our next step is getting our registration with the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists (CSCT) to receive the prestigious, well-deserved title of ‘RCT’. This means we can’t leave the books just yet but we are well prepared to tackle it.

In the final week leading up to the end of our program we had a review week to share our stories of our 12-week clinical from different sites across the country.

This was a great way to bring us together again after being away from group meetings for so long. It was also great because we got to share exciting new things we have learned with each other whereas family or friends at graduation may not understand our enthusiasm. Following this meeting we had two other online sessions together to discuss job hunting and the CSCT exam.

Our job hunting session allowed us to connect with one another across the county to find out who has been hired after practicum and what sites are hiring. We were given many names to contact and have a massive networking pool thanks to our Canada-wide connections in our online program. One great thing to hear was how many people have already secured employment straight out of practicum with only very few areas unable to hire at the present moment. Stenberg is even sending us little gifts to celebrate our achievements once we are hired which I thought was very thoughtful. Next was our CSCT exam review session which gave us roughly 400 questions to answer thoroughly along with an online meeting to go through some of the answers and concerns about the exam. This exam review really is a wake-up call and makes you understand areas that you need to review and which areas are your strong spots. It has set me on a study track for the summer.

Finally, this past weekend was our graduation ceremony for the Maritime Provinces in Halifax, NS.

Cardiology Technologist Graduation

Our ceremony was held at the restaurant Baton Rouge with a starter, entrée, and desert for us and one of our guests. The food was amazing and getting to spend time with my classmates and their families & friends one last time was amazing. There were a few short, sweet speeches and a nomination for Stenberg’s Student of the Year award but it was very relaxed, happy, and cheerful graduation.

I will never forget the experiences and people I have met through Stenberg College’s Cardiology Technologist program and am so happy I made the choice to be a RCT as a life-long career.

Thank you for following my blogs and my journey through the Stenberg Cardiology Technologist program. Farewell!

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Brittany Marsh is a student in Stenberg's Cardiology Technologist program. Originally from Halifax, Brittany holds a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Biology and Chemistry.

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