Celebration Debrief for Cardio Tech

Kathy Cardiology Technologist 0 Comments

I must say that going back to school after 3 month, was very exciting. I really looked forward to see Ramon my instructor and classmates. Moreover, I was also looking forward to see the staff working at Stenberg College. At first, all the students of my class had to complete some program reviews and and also one for our practicum monitors. After that we got to go to our classroom where Ramon was waiting for us.

At the moment when I saw Ramon, I almost had to cry because right at that time I was thinking about what he had done for us by shaping us into bright Cardiology Technologists. He had really worked very hard for us and went all out to make our schooling experience as comfortable as possible. So as soon I saw him I hugged and thanked him for being my teacher.

The Stenberg faculty has prepared some delicious food to celebrate our achievements. We even got a huge icing cake and as a matter of fact it was a red velvet cake. So then, we talked to each other about our experience during the practicum and also talked about our upcoming review session which will help us to prepare for the CSCT licensing exam.

Overall it was a great celebration and I can’t thank Stenberg College for arranging this for us. Looking forward to the exam since I can’t wait to be able to apply for a position at VGH.
All is Well.

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