Finding Balance In My Life

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Hello Everyone,

I’ve been asked to share with you about how I’m able to multitask by being a student, teacher, mom/wife & employee. As I’ve mentioned on one of the previous blogs, time management plays a huge role in my life. Since I’m a Mother, I need to make sure that I fulfill my duties so that my child can be raised comfortably. Being a wife is a little easier since my husband is able to understand my situation and will help me complete my daily tasks. I have to say that I’m very fortunate to have a great partner as I know that I could not have accomplished anything so far without the back support of my Husband. As everyone knows, weekdays are busier than weekends as there is more involved in getting out of the home to archive most of my tasks. The hardest of all I find is the waking up part. When I wake up at about 5:50 am and see my husband and my little one cuddled inbed and fast asleep it makes me want to stay in bed as well.

Fortunately, I have good thoughts that give me a boost in the morning like thinking that I’m about to see my favorite class , that I’m going to learn something new today and that I’m also a little closer in completing my program. After school, I go to pick up my daughter from preschool and then off we go to our home. As soon I enter my home I get a sense of fulfillment that I have made another productive day and have gained a little more knowledge in my profession.

I usually plan my day ahead so that I know exactly how much time I need to spend exactly on each task. Which helps me a lot because in that way I will not wander around and delay my chores. What takes most of the time during the weekdays is COOKING. In our family it’s very important for us to make traditional homemade food. So therefore I need to make sure that I always have prepared dinner which all of us like to eat and also what is healthy for us. Since I’m a night time study person I usually wait until my child and husband go to bed so that I can study peacefully. Green tea is my friend during night time studies as it keeps me stay awake and focused.

Since this program is in class based, I learn a lot from just listening to the lectures and making notes. So that when I get home, I either review or make a summary of the information I have learned including flash cards which help me during exam preparations. Besides studying and being a mom, I also go to work on a casual basis. Whenever I can squeeze in a shift during the week, I love to go since I enjoy working at the hospital and also sometimes get the opportunity to apply some of my new learned skills and put them into practice. Moreover, I also teach music during the weekends which helps me to find inner peace within myself and also makes me to relax from all the other things I’m dealing with in my life.

So how do I balance everything, showing gratitude towards the adventurous life I have and trying to make the most out of it. Having said that, the people surrounding me also have a great impact on my life as they are my inspiration and lesson that the world should go on and so should my life.

All is Well.

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