Halfway Through Our Journey

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Having completed half of my journey in becoming a cardiology technologist, has been a big accomplishment to me as me and classmates have already learned a lot in this field and therefore are confident on our profession by about 70%. Since we have a 7 day reading break my classmates are using this break in all different sorts of ways. Some are using this break to visit their families, go to work for a couple of hours or to complete house chores and take care of their children. In whatever way we have used this break, we all are very grateful that Stenberg College has provided as with this one week break.


After this break we are going to start with our Phlebotomy course which has duration of 2 weeks. Phlebotomy is the process of obtaining an intravenous access for the purpose of IV therapy or for blood sampling of venous blood. This procedure is performed by medical laboratory scientists, medical practitioners, paramedics, phlebotomists, dialysis technicians, nursing staff and of course Cardiology Technologists. The majority in our class are a little nervous about this course as it requires us to draw blood on each other using needles so that we can successfully pass this course. Our instructor Bal is very knowledgeable in this field and has a lot of material to teach us so that by the end of this course we are confident and ready to perform Phlebotomy. Today was day 1 and it went well as we got an introduction on Phlebotomy and learned new strategies on how to properly communicate with patients so that treatment will fall easy on us and the patient feels respected and taken care of appropriately. 

Having come to this point so far I can say that a lot has been accomplished within our profession and relationship. Our class has become stronger and much more confident which I’m very proud to say. Our teachers have been great specially Ramon who has taught us more than we actually needed analyzing ECGs. The reason behind this was to make us become ready more than we needed so that nothing seems new to us in the workforce. We have gone through a lot of ECGs (approx. 1000) which has trained our eyes to be able to identify abnormalities. 

After we have completed our Phlebotomy course we will start with Stress Tests and Holter Monitoring for which I’m really looking forward to learn about. This means that we will have another new Instructor for Holter Monitoring and our favourite instructor Ramon comes back to teach us – Yeah! As I always thank everyone for following my blogs, thank you again and I will update everyone on our Phlebotomy course on my next blog. I hope that all the students of Stenberg College are having a great time studying like us and wish each one those best of luck in completing their studies. Since I’m also a student council representative, I’ve got to know in one of my meetings that some programs are starting their clinical preceptor ships. I wish all students who are attending their practicum to gain as much experience as possible within their field so that it makes them professional and confident to start their career. Good Luck!

Thank you, everyone! 

‘Believe you can and you are halfway there’” – Teddy Roosevelt


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