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When our program started in January, all of us were pretty self-content as we did not know each other before hand. But with Steve’s coaching in terms of a healthy class relationship and on how to support each other, things have changed a lot quite quickly. We got to know each other’s names right at the first day of school. Each and every student was very friendly and cooperative with the willingness to bond with everyone. Having potlucks after each course completion has taught us the lesson of sharing and celebrating a successful completion not of only one student but of the whole class. We have learned to respect each other as simple human beings and not by ones heritage or skin color.

Working on group presentations related to our studies has taught us how to work with another team member by respecting his/her opinion and ideas. Moreover we came up with signing a contract which our lovely blogger Brianne has written. The whole class has signed the contract by agreeing to a number of rules and regulations on being a Cardiology student. These were things like showing politeness to one another, being helpful, attending classes on time, respecting our Teacher etc.

From my point of view, I can assure you that my class really puts effort into getting each student succeed the courses. Some of our classmates come earlier to class to offer help to another student who would struggle with a topic. On the other hand, some of us stay beyond class hours and help students out with exam preparations. One of our classmate has come up with a great idea of noting down all the student’s birthday so that it will be celebrated with cake, balloons and a class picture.

As our class consists of students from all sorts of ages, I thought at the beginning that age will be a barrier in regards to building a good relationship with one another. But fortunately, this has been not a case in my class. Obviously, people from different ages think differently but we never saw each other different. Even though the opinions are different when we have a discussion but we always seem to find a compromise so that at the end everyone is happy.

To have contact with each other after class, one of my classmates came up with this great idea of using an app that will help us to stay in touch 24/7. This app really helps us a lot as we always have study related questions to ask each other out and also things unrelated to studies like going out for dinner etc. To be honest, I must say that I’m very impressed with how we take care of each other. I also pay and will always pay gratitude towards my instructors. They are really the anchors of our class. We have never had an incident were our request has been rejected our not taken care of. Our instructors really care about us. Currently, we are being taught by our amazing instructor Mr. Estella. He has such a unique way of teaching us Cardiology that it really makes me feel come back to school each and every day just to see him. Teaching medical material with a sense of humor is definitely not done by every instructor. Therefore, I think that I and my class should always show gratitude towards his service.

So dear readers, I can only say that I’m in a great class with amazing human beings and I can’t wait to go through the upcoming courses with my class together so that at the end each one of us will become a successful and well trained Cardiology Technologist of Stenberg College.

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