Vacation Is Over – Back To The Books

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Vacation has come and gone and classes are underway again. It’s been a tough transition to get back into the school mode, especially in such a fast paced program that has no time to waste. I thoroughly enjoyed myself during reading break and spent every day in the hot Okanagan sun. It was easy to not think about school when I was ripping through the lake on a jet-ski, but now it’s time to focus on my studies. With Fall just around the corner, it’s come to my realization that I’m over half-way finished the program. There are only three and a half more months of classroom work before the practicums begin and everyone goes their separate ways. Now that I’m rested, refreshed, and refocused, I think it’s a good time to reflect on things at this point.
Before I went on vacation, I didn’t think about how I would feel returning to school once the break was over. I didn’t think anything would be any different, other then maybe having a little more energy from catching up on sleep. However, the strange thing is something has changed and I do feel different. Now that I’m back in class, I feel anxiously determined to get things done and receive my diploma. I’m more eager then ever to finish the program and dive into the health care field. I cannot wait to start working and building my career as a Cardio Tech. Being back in the Okanagan has also reconfirmed my suspicions that that’s where I want to be post-graduation. I saw a glimpse of what life could be like and it felt right. Despite being a born city girl, I’ve grown tired of the rat race and crave more of a balance. I’m looking forward to my practicum with Interior Health and will cross my fingers that I’ll be able to find a job within the same health region.

Looking back at January when the course began, everything was new and unknown. No body in our class new one another and now eight months later people have made friends that will remain friends even after school is over. We’ve gone through a lot of challenging courses together and consequently; we all share the same respect for one another. Throughout this course I have continually impressed and surprised myself with my capabilities in academics. I struggled with intellectual-confidence in high school and never truly lived up to my full potential. Being a Cardio Tech student has definitely forced me to push through those boundaries and see what I’m capable of. I’ve taught myself how to study, how to beat test anxiety, and how to stay focused and attentive. It’s been an eye-opening and rewarding experience thus far, and the journey isn’t even over yet. Every new course is a new endeavour to explore and a new challenge to conquer. We are currently learning the fine skill of phlebotomy, which I can’t wait to tell you all about in my next blog. Stay tuned!

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