Why CAT?

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Besides the musical aspect in my life, my second aspect is and has always been health care. As I’m a very social and caring person, I have always wanted to work in a field which requires my heart to take care of another person’s well-being.

So I started to think about what field I wanted to enter in health care. To be honest, it did not take me that long to decide which specialty. Cardiology was and is my first choice as most of my loved ones I have lost was due to a cardiac illness. I became so curious about how one organ can be affected by so many life threatening diseases. This is the reason why I’m here in this program. I will become a specialist in Cardiac Technology by being an expert in detecting disorders and advising the patients on how to take care of their heart and live a healthy life. Moreover, according to research and statistics, the number of people being diagnosed with cardiac illness has increased in North America which also has caught my attention, and the fact that health professionals in the Cardiology field are in high demand. Iwanted to be part of a school that respects me, encourages my efforts and also become a member of a class which loves to work as team and take care of each other so that at the end, each one of us will succeed.

That’s when Stenberg College entered into my life. Natasha, who is one of the Program Advisors at the school has told me on my first meeting, that she can see a lot of potential in me and was very much convinced that I will reach my goal. She was one of the very first people of this college who respected me and helped me become one step closer in reaching my ambition. Let me tell you this, it does not happen often that a professional staff of a college hugs you right at the first meeting. This is one of the signs of how incredible this first day at Stenberg College was. While Natasha gave me a tour of the College, I noticed a very warm atmosphere. Everyone was greeting each other, the interior design of the classrooms were great and the students were wearing scrubs as a sign of being united. Right from this point, I knew that this is the college I wanted to enter and graduate from. So I applied to enter the Cardiology Technologist, full-time program. I have been gifted with an amazing class and one of the most intelligent human beings in this world, my instructor Steve.

Steve is our Medical Terminology and Anatomy & Physiology instructor. He has taught the whole class about how much he believes in us and taught us new strategies in how to succeed in this program. Every day in the morning when I wake up, I always look forward in meeting my class and teacher and I’m so eager to learn as I have never felt before. Therefore, I owe so much to Stenberg College.

Thank you.


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