CMHAW Outreach Program: Help Those in Need in Our Community

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With the cold weather just around the corner, no one is more vulnerable and in need than the homeless. CMHAW0416 has come together to create an outreach project to supply clean, gently used socks and blankets to the Surrey homeless on Wednesday, October 12th.

Gabriel S, the outreach program coordinator, told me more about his cohort’s outreach project and what they hope to accomplish.

Tell me about the outreach project that your cohort is organizing?

We are organizing a sock and blanket drive so that we can provide the homeless community in Surrey with a little bit of comfort as the weather turns colder. The outreach program was organized in the spirit of taking action, so not to be only observing but also participating in finding a solution.

What made your cohort want to organize this outreach project?

We are training to become support workers and advocates for people in need and we thought it would be a great way to learn about homelessness and drug addiction in our community by contributing towards a solution. The outreach program is a great way to get out and learn as much as possible so that we can be of maximum service to those we are going to be helping in our careers.

Why do you think it is important to give back to your community?

Poverty is everyone’s problem and I believe that it’s everyone’s responsibility to be a part of the solution.

Taking action, doing something to ease the difficulties of another human being no matter the circumstances, that is our purpose as Community Mental Health and Addiction Workers. We will be asked to represent, help and advocate for all who are in need of support.

When and where are students and faculty able to bring their donations?

There will be a collection box available at the Surrey campus from September 1st – 30th. All donations will be distributed to the Surrey homeless on Wednesday, October 12th.

Remember that this is for a good cause, so thank you in advance for your support!

In addition to the collection box at the Surrey campus, there will also be a collection box at the Blenz Coffee located in Central City mall near the elevators.

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