A Balancing Act

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This week I want to talk to you about scary grown up things most of us have to deal with while in college. Finding a balance between work, school and life, if there really is such a thing as balancing those things. Here’s a little over view of my weekly schedule. Tuesday and Thursday I have school 1-5pm. Wednesdays I have my placement which I go to at which ever time I am scheduled, where  ever I am scheduled for 8 weeks at a time then I switch to a new placement to get a feel of different types of work in the field of addictions and mental health. Fridays I get up and go to school 1-5pm, partake in some recovery activities then go to work from 11pm- 7am at my job as a night stocker at Walmart. Saturdays I go home, eat sleep and then work. The same shift again. Sunday I come home from work eat sleep and do some recovery activities, then go to work come home Monday morning pack a lunch and head to school from 1-5 pm. This is my weekly routine minus the home work on assignments. Reading literature for my courses and trying to get some socializing in with friends.  As much as that may sound super over whelming and trust me it is, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I am having such a great experience with school and I honestly love what we do so for me even if I have to go a few nights with no sleep and sacrifice spending time with friends, and watching TV I am okay with it because I know in the end it will all be so worth it. I think the real trick to achieving semi-balance while juggling these things would be these three tips.
1. Self-care, make time for you. Taking at least 1 hour a day to yourself to focus on you. Weather that be to veg out and watch TV, read a book, talk on the phone, go for a walk, or have a bubble bath I can go on for ever and ever with lists of things to do. 
2. Eat regularly, our brains and body need nourishment to power through. If we aren’t eating or only drinking coffee and energy drinks and munching here and there we will eventually burn out.
3. Stay in the moment, stay grateful and just have fun. Don’t take life to seriously. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, so enjoy it while you can. Take advantage of all your program has to offer you because it will be over before you know it.
I hope these three things help. Something I will leave you with is the thought I am always reminding myself. I am enough to achieve anything I set my mind to. The power of my future is in my hands. The change I seek in life starts now. As long as I never lose hope or give up on my dreams the future looks bright no matter how tough the journey. Just don’t give up on your dreams, slow down and watch as they come alive and become reality!

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