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My name is Crystal. I am a 25 year old mother from Kitamaat, BC. I have a two year old son, and a five year old daughter.  I have been living here since August of 2012 to prepare my family and myself to start my program in school. I have two siblings also, who are in college and working full time. We all moved down here from Kitamaat at different times, for different reasons. 

I come from a family pattern of alcohol and drug abuse, which made me want to apply for the Community Mental Health and Addictions Program. I am four months in, and the course is very interesting. Before I had moved to Kitamaat, I lived in Burnaby, where I lived with my parents. There was a lot of drug use in our home. As a teenager, I felt that I had no one to talk to in my life. I was teased in high school, because of my parents choices, and felt alone. The one person that I found that I could confide in, was an aboriginal youth worker at school. She helped me through times that I had no one. I want to be that person. The reason I am interested in completing this course is to help youth in their struggle, whether personal, or issues in the home.

When I complete this program, I plan on working in a school setting, or a youth drop-in/outreach centre for struggling teens. I want to pass on the kindness that was given to me in my dark hours.

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