Final Thoughts on my Journey in the Community Mental Health and Addictions Worker Program

Darren Community Mental Health and Addictions 0 Comments

I honestly can’t say what part of this course I enjoyed the most. There was so many positive experiences to choose from as with all the people I got to meet from instructors to students, from Staff of the facilities to the members and the clients. I had the fortunate experience of meeting many people that have issues with mental illness and/or troubles with substance abuse. I want to be clear here I in no way call the position that these people have been, for the most part, forced into fortunate. I only call myself fortunate to have met them and to have seen their struggles, their lives and their hopes. I hope and pray that I can make a difference but I truly do have to remember that I can only do so much. Trying to do too much is an excellent way to develop problems of our own, you will learn about this in detail. There is a vast ocean of knowledge is so many different areas of life, and fully investing your attention and your will can lead to success. I learned this and I am willing, ready and able.  I truly am going to miss going to class everyday but again I must remember the assignments, tests and interactions really have prepared me for the future ahead and the future will be a magnification and more real sense of all I was a part of in class. That my friends is extremely exciting and it has a way of balancing off the fact that I will miss class. I think I will be okay though what do you think?

I move on from this having had one of the most positive years in my life and yes I’m even comparing it to the year I got my first bike, my first car and truly any other positive experience I got to experience trial and error and so much fun. To the classmates, instructors and all other Stenberg staff that I got to share this amazing experience with Thank you, Thank you for just being you and being who and what you are. I love you all and a piece of all of you will walk this road with me. I know a lot of us will cross paths again within our field and look forward to it but to those I may not see. Take what this life has to give and share, I know you all know how and I wish you all the best.

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