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It has been forever since I have checked in. A lot has happened since my last blog. I finally completed my courses! At the moment I am on my fourth day of practicum. I am at a PHS site for 8 hours a day. Ideally, this would be a normal Monday-Friday job 8 hours a day, but as I go further into my practice, I am looking forward to working with some diversity. I am planning on coming in Saturday to do a 4pm-12am shift, to see how much different my experience could be during the night. Where I am right now is more in my comfort zone than most of the SROs that I have been hooked up with. The clients are so friendly and willing to welcome a new face. The place I am at feels like everyone is one great big family. They were all so welcoming to me on my first day. 
Although I am only here for four weeks for my practicum, I feel that I want to get the most of my experience of being here. I want to get involved the clients, I want to be a part of their day that they look forward to, and most of all, I want to contribute to this placement 150% to show how much I have learned in my course. I want to show my skills of leadership, empathy, advocating, PSR, pharmacology, case management; not just to the clients, I want to show the staff that I know my stuff. I may not have all of the experience in the world, but I have been very much exposed to this world. I know from the field practice I have had for the past year. I didn’t know how much all of those hours would really help when it came to the (almost) real thing. 
I know exactly where I want to apply after this, and hopefully get some casual hours leading up to full time employment. I absolutely have had a complete 180 from where I was last year. I do not like to think that I was a judgmental person, but I did not know or understand why people in the downtown east side were the way that they were. Now I know each and every one of these people have a story that lead up to this point being here and now. Much of my time is spent trying to piece together ways of helping people get out of their tough places, but then I take a step back and realize that these things take time…they take baby steps. People who are addicted are not crazy, they are not scary…they just need a little extra help to find their way in life- their place. That is my goal!! I want to assist in that step…I want to make it easier…I want to make a difference! Even though you may think that you are not making a big difference in someone’s life, you are…it may mean the world to them that you are there just trying, advocating for them!  
My experience at Stenberg College has been great! Sure there were falling outs, ups and downs, but I know each and every person who was involved gave their all! I feel most grateful to have experienced what I have through the past year. A high-flying roller coaster with finals and readings, but most definitely ALL worth it! Phew…!!

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