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Hi everyone, guess who? 

I hope all faithful blog readers are doing well. I was presented with somewhat of a problem as I was given the idea to write about some of our guest speakers. The problem being, we have only had one guest speaker thus far. It was about yoga techniques and how they can help with stress management. To keep us, as care workers from burning out. The unfortunate thing is I was not present for this class so anything I was to tell you would be fabrication or hearsay. My classmates did inform me that it was a fun and informative class. I do regret not being able to be there as I had an Iron Man streak for attendance and I was truly looking forward to the class. I have taken up meditation on a beginner level but it is quite slow going. Although I do enjoy it and I do feel it would be a helpful activity in the eyes of stress. So on that note I will leave this subject and share my experiences with my instructors with you. It has been an amazing experience.

Our first block of classes was “Orientation” taught by an amazing man named Steve. I learned so much about myself and about my capabilities. It was not hard to stay focused when he was speaking. He shared a lot of personal life stories with us which I am positive has helped everyone in my class open up about their own lives. I know there are a few people in my class that had trouble sharing their lives with us but that changed so quickly. Steve really showed us a road and gave us the tools to follow that road. I will remember him forever and fortunately I still get to bump into him on campus occasionally. A treat every time I do let me tell you, you cannot walk away from a conversation with Steve not smiling. As I said, amazing man. My tuition was almost worth it just to meet him.

After “Orientation” we moved on to “Communications 101”. Another great person named Cindy instructed us on this block of classes. Computers were not a strong point for me before this class, in fact computers were non-existent to me before this class. Computers have always intimidated me up to this point in my life. I didn’t know anything about them at all. You could say I was computer illiterate. Well, thanks to Cindy I can function on a computer way better than I ever thought I would. I started on Twitter in June, it is now August and I have 320 followers. Blown away by that? Me too. I would have never have had the confidence to perform on the PC like I can now without Cindy’s help. She saw at times that I was getting frustrated but she had this way of bringing you back into focus. Others have tried to show me how to use PCs properly. Cindy was the only one that succeeded on that with genuine care on my progress. Great having people behind you.

We then moved on to a couple of other blocks of classes (Occupational Health 100, Sociology 101, and Psychology 110). These were instructed by Ferzana. I have to say these were huge eye opening classes. So much to learn and so little time. I found it amazing how she could keep us all focused to learn. It is important to get this information to proceed without getting lost. Ferzana managed to keep us all reeled in. She actually cares about how we do on our assignments, tests and presentations. Before I met Ferzana I was not a confident speaker. She has helped me immensely with these skills. I feel comfortable talking to my class in group discussions and presenting assignments to them. I feel confident taking part in discussions I know little about as she encourages our thoughts and ideas. I would never progress without these skills.

Erin is another instructor who sadly our time was brief. She instructed us on Sociology 100. Such a caring experienced woman that is hard to find in the world today. Absolutely a joy to learn from. She brought truth to the term “making learning fun”. Well I think I can safely say the pleasure was all ours Erin. I truly hope I get to see you again. I would also like to mention how much our IPE monitor has helped get through times I have struggled. I am truly grateful Michelle. I would be lost on my IPEs without you. Thank you.

As I have shown, all the instructors here actually care how you do. They are willing to take the time to make sure you understand the information. They all showed how the knowledge we are getting will pertain to our lives as well as the people we may get to help. The common theme here is the clients matter but we matter too. self-health is extremely important to all of the people here at Stenberg. When you look forward to going to school every day, you know they are doing something right, correct? I just want to thank all of them for helping me become a better, stronger person. Their level of caring rubs off on all of us and I do not have one single regret taking my schooling here at Stenberg. I would do it again 100 times. Thank you all

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