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Okay, this is a first…I am going to write about something not too related to the Program. I am going to talk about my path, my journey. When I first thought about starting this Program (CMHAW), I had a specific type of work in mind, now that I am this far in, I feel myself opening up a lot more about what I want to do and where I want to be. When I first started this course last November, I knew what I wanted to do…I wanted to get myself working with youth, my plan also was to move back to Kitimat once my course was complete. I am now more open minded about where I want to be. I also thought about it and would not mind at all working with other age groups and different types of mental health and addictions issues. I think that I might even want to go back to school at some point, hoping maybe next September possibly to further my education, and hope to go all the way with Social Work. I have an interest in going in to complete my Bachelors Degree in Social Work. I know it is another 4 years added to what I have already done, but I think that in the long run, it would be very beneficial. The way that I think will I have opened up my options in this field because I am not just directed toward helping youth. Going in and taking other courses studying mental health, I feel that I could also work with older adults.

Last November my plan was to finish the course, and go right back to Kitimat. Now I am down here and been living in this city, I really don’t want to move back. I feel that there is more opportunity for this field of work down here and the need for Mental Health and Addictions Workers in the Lower Mainland is huge. I know that if I ended up moving back to my home town than I would feel like I could not find work, and that I am missing out. I know the need for Mental Health workers is in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. I always knew this, but did not realize this completely until I got to working down there. You meet people that have been through it all. You meet people who have had lives unimaginable compared to the life they live now. You meet people who inspire you to keep going in life…who have a story to tell. I think that one of the reasons I want to stay here and do what I am doing is the successes you see. It rarely happens, but every once in a while you get to see or hear about someone coming out of it. You hear that they have cleaned up and are no longer in the downtown core. Like I said, this rarely happens, but when it does, it makes you feel grateful to be part of their journey, because it is a journey, it is THEIR journey, and you were there to witness the hard times, through to the success.

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