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Hello faithful readers, I am back.

I just wanted to take some time and reflect on my courses over the last 5 going on 6 months. We started off the term with a short Orientation class to help prepare us for the vigor of study and school. Steve took us by the hand and walked us through so many avenues to maintain our studies. He was extremely helpful with some of his stories of self-reflection and some of the challenges he has faced both learning and teaching. I have to say it was extremely motivating and it is a perfect starting stone to cross the river. Without going through this one week class I am positive I would be having some struggles from then until now. I am sure many of my fellow classmates would second this opinion. I felt confident and ready, thanks to this class. I still do feel confident by the way.

After this we moved into communications were Cindy (another great instructor) took us on a journey through the world of computers and social communication in general. Again a very helpful course more so for me than some others. I believe I have told you all that I was computer illiterate before this, to the point where I could not even sign in without help. Well guess what I am writing this blog on, and I have to email it somewhere when I am done. 6 months ago the thought of doing this on my own would have terrified me. Computers intimidated me so much that the thought of quitting may have even crossed my mind. Well I can say I am comfortable navigating a PC thanks to Cindy’s help.

We moved from communications into occupational health and hazards. It is here that I received several certifications. My wife and I laughed about all my new artwork for my wall by my desk. First aid, WHMIS and my Food Safe certification. As you can see there is a lot to gain from this course just within the first 2 or 3 months. Ferzana, Rebecca and Erin have done an excellent job teaching us sociology, psychology. They are main components of this course as we do deal with people in this career. People with problems to be a little bit more accurate. (Self-esteem, social environment, family dysfunction and homelessness to name a few). It shows us how people get where they are in life. It shows us obstacles that are sometimes too big to beat alone. It shows us that people can recover from their illnesses and addictions with the right help. It also shows us that nothing is impossible.

So far I have to say Psychology at all levels have been my favorite courses. Not so long ago I had a different view on some of these people. My view WAS choices are self-made as well as we put ourselves in the positions we are in. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. Circumstance and mental illness are large contributing factors in our lives destinations. My views have changed as well as my awareness of our problems not just following stigma’s view. I believe the biggest thing I have gotten out of this so far is what I have learned about myself. I am amazed at how much a little bit of awareness can open your eyes and your mind about our environments and about ourselves. I like who I am and I truly hope I get to share this “new me” with people. The thought of this is extremely motivating and satisfying. I think my life experience combined with this course will give me the tools I need to be successful helping people which is what this is all about. The only regrets I may have is that I did not do this sooner. The only answer to this question is I was obviously not ready yet. I can say with the help of the knowledge gained from my classes as well as a different view on society’s troubles, I am ready now and I can say this with absolute confidence. Thank you again Stenberg and staff, your help has opened doors for me that would have remained locked without your “key of knowledge”. Let’s hope we can open more people’s eyes and make an ignored problem the center of attention.

Until next blog keep in mind people with mental illness addiction and life skill troubles have feelings too.

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