My Journey to Stenberg

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I have never been much of a writer, let alone a blogger but you will never succeed unless you try. So here we go this will be my first ever blog post. I want to share with you in this post why I chose Stenberg College and why I’m so very glad I did.

I have spent every day of my 21 years of living wanting to be someone. Wanting to make a difference, wanting to do something big with my life. When I was in my teens I got myself caught up in the world of addiction, and quickly lost the ability to care where my life was headed. I never gave up on longing to be someone who would change the world but I was just so wrapped up in my issues that all of those dreams started to get pushed farther and farther from ever becoming any sort of reality. When I was in high school I focused my studies on cooking because I was good at it and it didn’t take much effort to pass the classes. I only attended the bare minimum amount of classes to not get myself kicked out and I never applied myself to any of my school work. I held a C average and I was okay with that because I thought if I tried I would never succeed so what the use was. When I graduated in 2011 I moved back to B.C. to get away from my life in Ontario. I came back with the hopes that I would sober up and go to school to be a chef. When I got out here I didn’t go to school and I didn’t sober up. At this point in my life I was suffering from serious depression and had completely lost any hope that I would ever be the person I had always dreamed I would be.

 In 2012 just a few days after my 19th birthday I finally sobered up and have been ever since. I spent the last two years working in kitchens just trying to get by. Pay bills make ends meet not really doing much to help myself get one step closer to being that person I dreamt of being. Last October I was headed off to another day at a job I hated, wondering if this was it for me. That thought was the one that changed my life. That evening I spoke with my mom telling her I was thinking about going back to school, but that I had no idea what I wanted to do I just knew I needed to do it. She suggested to take some time to think about my options and have a look at programs in the area I could take. Over the course of a few week I did some serious soul searching and I came up with two options, midwifery or an addictions worker. I looked in to many different programs and soon decided that midwifery wouldn’t be the career for me because based on my previous experience working in the kitchen of a local treatment center I knew deep down that is where my heart is. 

As I was doing my research on programs I started to get discouraged because I was looking for a school with smaller classes and tons of opportunities for actual experience in the field. That when I was sitting on Facebook so frustrated, just ready to give in and give up, the thing that was going to change my life popped up on my screen it was an ad for the College’s mental health and addictions program. I went to the website and looked at their program and call to make the soonest appointment. When I came in for my appointment I was sold by the time I was leaving and so excited. I didn’t apply right away out of fear of all the things that come along with being a college student. When I finally did apply and do the process I was accepted the same day. I left the meeting that day so filled with hope and finally excited to start my future heading straight towards those dreams I once had. The reason I picked Stenberg was because the classes were small, the curriculum was everything I hoped to learn and more and from the moment I walked in the door I was calm and there was no fear or anxiety which was a huge thing for me. The staff was genuine and so welcoming. The day I came in the classes had also all participated in having a gingerbread building contest and I thought that was the most amazing thing. It showed me that the school cares about the students and want their journey to be about more than just studies.

The reasons I am so glad I chose this program are the fact that when I walk in the door I actually want to be there. I look forward to my classes and seeing my teachers. Teachers who genuinely care and want to help you in your studies and help you change your life. Since I have been in school some pretty amazing things have happened. I received my first ever A and not only that it was and A+ never have I ever thought that was possible for me to get. Next I love the student activities. Since I have been at school we have had quite a few pot lucks, Jeans Day, a Chili Cook-Off with prizes, cinema days where we get free movie tickets for ourselves and a few friends. To me that’s just amazing I don’t think I would be getting the same experience if I went anywhere else. And lastly I get to be myself and feel comfortable. Which is so important to me. So if you are reading this because you’re checking out the school o strongly recommend it. I am only in my 3rd month and my life has already changed. Can’t wait for what the future holds. Well hope you all enjoy the sunny weather and you enjoyed the post.

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