Second Half of my Community Mental Health and Addictions Worker Practicum

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Hey guys, Hope this weather is treating you well!

I have now come to the end of my practicum. What an experience and a privilege it has been. My last blog I spoke a little bit about my placement and what they do and I shared about trying acupuncture for my first time. If you have not already read it go back and check it out. I spend in total 14 days at my placement, working 11 hour and 15 minute shifts. The days were long but it was definitely work it.

In my second week at my placement I prepared myself to run 2 groups, they were very successful. I attended groups to get a feel of how they are taught. I attended daily team meetings and I sat in on one on ones with clients. For my last week I was asked to be the actual worker and my preceptor would be my shadow to make sure my documents were correct before sending them in. to help me with some of the harder questions clients may have that only she would be allowed to give an answer for. Other than that I pretty much ran things on my own. Taught 2-3 groups a day on different topics. Had meetings with clients at all stages of their programing, such as intake, mid-term and closing/ graduating. Learned well enough how to navigate the privet documenting system they use. So I was doing all the documenting and my preceptor proof read them for me before saving them. I did have some challenges while on my practicum, but I feel any job you go to you will have your challenges. I strongly feel like school has taught me how to properly handle situations when they arise and in moments where I didn’t know I knew enough to ask for help. The staff were very patient with me and allowed me to take the time to learn thinks and answer all of my questions or help me find things.

Two fun things that I did with clients while I was there was art, I did three art classed with them, the first class we coloured mandala’s, the second class we painted rocks and the third class I attended we made origami stars. I really enjoyed doing art with the clients because I feel it helps you tap into your inner creative self as well as its very relaxing. The second fun thing I did was yoga, I have never been very open to the idea of doing yoga or trying new things for that matter. I actually really liked it and I am looking forward to doing it again in my future.
In closing I just want to say over all I had an amazing experience from the staff to the lovely clients. Who were very supportive and willing to learn. They asked me lots of questions which showed they were interested in what I had to offer as well as I received some great feedback from everyone. I think I am going to try and apply there as a casual because I think the mixture of addictions work and education are just the thing I am made for. I am grateful for my few short weeks there and I think I grew a lot more during my experience as an addictions worker and a human.

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