The Importance of Self-Care

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I’ve always kind of been addicted to chaos. The rush that I get from having multiple tasks on the go and the feeling of accomplishment when I’m able to complete those tasks by their deadlines.

Organization is one of my keys to success – everything is colour coded on my calendar with its deadlines; little reminders in my phone and post-it notes all over my place. I get so wrapped up in the thrill of completing things that I too often forget one of the most critical components to my success… me.

Since my last post, I have finished my concurrent disorders course and moved on to marginalized youth.

It’s become evident to me as time passes how well thought out and methodical Stenberg’s Community Mental Health and Addictions Worker (CMHAW) program actually is. Every course has little bits and pieces to it that draws from previous experience in other courses. When I’m able to sit back and appreciate those inner workings, I really have no choice but thank myself for choosing Stenberg.

I know that sounds like a major endorsement, so let me add that I have a close friend who took the same course with another educational facility and, when we share about our experiences, it becomes crystal clear how true that statement is.

Also, since I’ve last written, I have taken additional courses at the same time. Just a short stint of only a couple of weeks, but the added workload was definitely felt by the end of its time. My instructors during this time were very understanding and supportive of my situation and they took the time to offer additional help and advice wherever they saw possible. With all of this learning, I of course had to cut back my full-time job to weekends, who were also very understanding of my desire to better myself. The only person who wasn’t understanding of everything was myself.

I spent two weeks busting my butt, only to forget the importance of self-care. I enjoyed nothing for myself, not even one minute, and did I ever feel it. I suggest to anyone thinking about taking this course to invest in yourself. Make time to do the small things that lift you up and never lose focus of what is important – YOU.

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Scott is a current student in Stenberg’s Community Mental Health and Addictions Worker program.

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