To Keep on Going Down a Fantastic Road

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Well as my practicum and my school experience is winding down I find myself confident is saying that I have indeed found what has been calling to me. For years I have been working with an empty feeling of “just bringing home a cheque”. I did have a useful job as I installed insulation and I did organize and run my own crew but nothing really held me there other than money. I sort of wish this had happened sooner as who knows where I might have been right now but alas it happened when it did and I intend to take advantage of it. I am choosing to be a little bit picky in what I apply for because as I have been given a very good opportunity that will allow me some space in applying for the job I want rather than just the one I need. I have been taught patience here at Stenberg College among many other skills that will not only help me help people struggling with their daily lives but they also help me reign in my own life to be capable of offering these skills. It has been an amazing experience at Stenberg and I have full confidence that I will be able to apply my trade. Community mental health and addiction are receiving awareness that they have never recognized before. While I do admit there is a long road to travel and a lot of work to do to take it to a level that will make significant difference I believe we are on the right road as a society. Stenberg College is helping people to realize that road. It is helping people see that road is not as difficult of a road as they may think it is. It is helping to teach that people can do what they want to do, what they are good at and that’s help people. I know most of us came into this course with the desire to help and I also know some people coming into it will be “just looking for a job” somewhere on the road that ideal is likely going to change for you and quite honestly either way will be fine but if you can invest a passion into it. If you are looking for that something like I was you might want to look at this field. I promise you that if there is a passion you have to give this field would love to have it.

I can say the most I learned was most definitely about myself, my capabilities and about my limits. We have to remember that no matter how much we love to help and how much we love to work. If we work too hard so as to burn out then we really aren’t helping anyone, ourselves, our families or our clients. So staying healthy in body, mind and spirit are very important and valuable lessons to take from this course do not sluff them off as we sometimes do when things are not as interesting as others. I am very guilty of putting things off about myself to tend to others and I do know that this is getting much, much better though it definitely still needs work. Honestly as much as I know the fact is obvious that I will be learning throughout my whole life and Stenberg with all their instructors and helpful staff there just showed me how to keep learning productively.

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