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Welcome back to my blog for the CSW Program!! 
I appreciate you reading and I hope the information I am providing is useful to you.  Just an update to where we are in the Community Support Worker Program.   It has been a few weeks since my last post and we now have 10 weeks to go which 5 of these weeks are with our hosted site to gain experience for our future practicum position; and that will take place the remaining weeks we have left.  This has been quite a journey and we are feeling anxious to be near the end. This is very exciting and nerve-wracking for us all as we do not want to disappoint anyone in our field and even ourselves.  The work load has become more substantial and must be completed quickly to move on to the next portion. We also have had some wonderful training sessions with First Aid, Food Safe, Person Centered Thinking and MANDT along with some others. The instructors for these training sessions make our time more fun and we feel relaxed after which we are thankful for.  With the other classes we have we also have different instructors for each subject, sometimes we will see them for more than one subject or even around campus. Familiar faces are always comforting. 
Stenberg is not just about books and school; we also have “Student Appreciation Days “where we get movie passes to the Hollywood 3 Cinema behind the Newton Exchange Bus Loop. These are absolutely free to us and they are the latest movies. We also have on Campus days where the events team provides us with some light sweet snacks, juice, coffee and tea. They are yummy but I do hope they throw in some healthy choices in there as well on the next one which is coming up next week. So much will be going on next Thursday; we have Jeans day/Western day where we can wear plaid and cow boy/girl outfits and we also have a Chili Cook Off. Next week will be a busy week for sure. 
There is another event/seminar that Stenberg is holding and the entire school will be attending. Can you imagine all of us in one room!?  This event is called “Be the Change” I initially wanted our class to go but we were already scheduled to attend which is super cool. Also this event is for free and anyone can come to this. The registration is free as well as the event.  Now back to the program; this week we did our MANDT training as well as the integrated practice experience which we have every Tuesday now with 10 weeks left and we also have mock interviews. This is where we get to dress up in interview cloths and have interviews as If we’re really applying for one of the practicum places of our choice.  This is just for preparation for the real world of CSWs.  Prior to the interviews, we had to write up a cover letter and adjust our resumes to the job posting in our field that we would like to work at.  This is it for now. I will keep you all posted with what’s new and other expectations to have. Please feel free to send me a message I will be more than happy to answer your inquiry, if not me ask one of the other bloggers of your choice.  Thanks again for ready. 

See you soon 

We want to congratulate Hana on completing the Community Support Worker program! It’s been a hard few months, but she has done well and we wish her the best of luck on the next chapter of her career and life.

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