The Eye and the Licensed Optician

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Last December, my Dispensing Optician cohort began learning about the human eye; its anatomy, structures, functions, physiology, medical terminologies, and ocular conditions.


A lot of things to cover in just two weeks, a lot of chapters to read, and a lot of me, finally realizing that I am a full time student. I remember myself staring blankly at my textbook, trying to read the first few chapters, wondering where to start, and how to tackle all the assignments. I was thinking too much while reading that ‘I can’t remember the things that I have just read’. So I came up with an idea on how to remember the things that I had just read in the book. I highlighted all the major topics in the chapter while reading and reviewed them right after I finished reading the chapter. This method worked really well for me and I noticed that for me to learn I have to go through a topic two to three times before I understand it fully. I think I am learning more about myself while studying online, mainly because I have to rely on my study habits and be disciplined enough to really learn and do well in school.

Once a week our cohort has an Adobe session, during which we discuss topics that we’ve read in the book and an open discussion at the very end. This is like Skype or Facebook messenger that you can type or speak and talk to anyone in the session. I like this part of the course because this is the time to ask all the questions that I have regarding the course and get answers as well.

One thing that keeps me going is when I see my grades and get some feedback from my instructor. When I see a high mark on one of my assignments, I get motivated more and challenge myself to do well again. If I see a lower grade than what I expected, I try to review where my mistakes were and learn from them.

After the anatomy and physiology of the eye course we headed straight to the professional practices and office procedures course, where we learned about the profession, and the roles and responsibilities of a licensed optician. We also learned about the governing and regulatory bodies, The College of Opticians of British Columbia, which regulates and issues licenses for opticians in B.C., and the Opticians Association of Canada which represents licensed opticians in Canada and promotes licensed opticians and the profession. What I like most about the class was the videos of licensed opticians telling their story of how they become an optician and what they love about the profession. In those videos I saw that all the opticians that were featured were very passionate about the profession and this gives me another reason to strive more in becoming licensed optician; I really believe that this is a very rewarding career.

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Anthony is a current student in Stenberg's Dispensing Optician program. Anthony has over ten years of customer service experience and plans to open his own optical store someday.

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