Balancing School, Work, Family and Friends

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Full-time schooling can be challenging, not just because of the workload but also because of the lack of free time after school. Like most of my classmates, and I’m sure a number of the students at Stenberg, I go to school full-time, work part-time and try to find a balance in my personal life as well.

At school we always find out about due dates for assignments and dates for tests at the beginning of each module so I do my best to schedule when I’m going to get everything done by and give myself personal due dates. I like to finish the first thing that’s due first and do everything in sequential order and my preference is to fully complete one assignment before starting another. I try to be as organized as possible by inputting due dates into my phones calendar and making lists of what I need to do. I find that if I don’t make lists that I get overwhelmed and panic about what needs to be done next.


As far as work goes I have part-time shifts six days a week at a recreational gymnastics center for children. I love my time with the children and I am also lucky enough to gain experience working upstairs in their childcare center a few days a week.

I have gained an exceptional amount of knowledge and skills from coaching that I can apply to my ECE work now and in the future.

With that being said, going to school 25 hours a week, working Monday to Friday after school and all day on Saturdays, as well as finding time to study and work on resources can sometimes leave me physically and emotionally drained. I do my best to schedule in my free time as well so that I can recharge and get time for myself. I draw a lot of strength from my time with friends and family and try to make the very most of my Sundays.

I am a very schedule oriented person and thrive on routine so as challenging as it all is at the moment I’m motivated by the future.

With our program being at just over the half way mark, some days I have to force myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel but I am really looking forward to finishing my program and finding a job in my field. In the end I know the sacrifices now will be well worth the gain in the end!

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