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Career strategies is, at the time I took my ECE, the last subject we have to do in conjunction with practicums or while finishing resources. In this course they taught us how to prepare a resume  and a cover letter. You could either work with one you already have and updated it as if you already finished you ECE or you could start with a new resume if you didn’t have one. The good thing of this is that you also get a workbook and the course is online and is on the school webpage and you can find information on how to do both. Also the instructor gave a lot of support because she is the one that checks the resume and the cover letter. She gives you feedback about what you did wrong or what you’re missing, or things that you need to change and she’s very good at helping when you have questions. But in the online course there are lots of supports and lots of places where you would find information on how to do it. You also have to go online to all this different pages that have jobs for your career. In this case for ECE – places that are looking for ECE assistants or supervisors and you have to show the instructor what you found. I think this was really helpful so you know where to look for work once you are done your ECE. 

You also had to send an email to the instructor as if you were applying for a job to see how well you can communicate professionally in writing and of course the instructor would give you feedback on this email. So this is a way to prepare you to do things right when you start looking for a job. As well you get to be in a job interview with the instructor. And this just like the email, is to see how well you can communicate professionally in person; and once again the instructor would give you feedback on how you did it, what was missing or what was some of the things that you shouldn’t had said or even how was your non-verbal communication. For me, all this was very helpful because it was a tool to help you prepare for the real thing, for when you are looking for a job. This is a way to practice and make mistakes so when you do it for real, you are the best prepared and I guess more confident.

The webpages that they gave us in the module were very helpful and the other thing that I think is a huge opportunity is the practicums because like I said before in the other blogs, it gives you an opportunity to “show off” your skills (perse) because you can show them what you are capable to do, like a live interview. : )

Some of my classmates, including my self, were hired in the centres because they liked the way we worked. And the people that didn’t get hired they applied as substitute teachers.

The other thing is that the instructor in charge of the Career Strategies module keeps helping you to find a job by checking with you if you already found a job and also by sending job postings. So I think the school is really good in supporting you even when you already found a job.

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