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Megan Warnock

Hi! My name is Megan, and I’m a student in Stenberg College’s Early Childhood Education program.

Working with children has been a part of my life since I was really just a child myself. I was a competitive dancer from the age of six until I was nineteen years old, and being a part of a studio was just like being a part of a family. When I was fourteen one of my teachers asked me how I would feel about being a student teacher for some of the younger children and from there I was hooked.

I find it so rewarding when a child’s face lights up after they’ve learned something new or mastered a new skill, even though getting to that point can sometimes be challenging for both student and teacher.

After graduating from high school I was accepted into a dance program at Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver. While enrolled in the program I gained a lot of valuable knowledge about the entertainment industry and established a number of great relationships. I also discovered that I was uncomfortable with the potential instability a career in the arts may bring and that, that career choice may affect my future family life. From there I worked various customer service and sales related jobs until I eventually ended up working for a large telecommunications company. I enjoyed the stability of the job and working with many different people from various walks of life but found myself never really feeling fulfilled.

This past year, after months of feeling run down and discouraged with my current job, I decided that if I was going to have to work for the next 40+ years of my life, it should probably be something I enjoy. That is how I decided to look into going back to school. I chose the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program at Stenberg College because the compressed nature of the program meant that I would still gain the same credentials as I could at other colleges/universities but in less time, which meant that I could be working in my field sooner. I also appreciated that Stenberg partners with reputable Early Childhood Education institutions that take care of and take pride in compensating their employees well.

When I graduate I hope to work in a preschool or junior kindergarten setting with the potential of opening my own preschool and running a business one day.

I love working with children of all ages but I’ve found that three and four year olds hold a special place in my heart. I am so happy that I decided to come back to school as my experience with my instructor and my peers so far has been nothing but positive, and I cannot wait to get out in my field and learn and experience even more.

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