My Favourite ECE Courses (So Far)

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When asked what my favourite course was so far I wasn’t sure how to answer. I have many favourite courses all for different reasons.

I really enjoyed the child development courses because I was finding out lots of new information about the different areas of development and how quickly children change from the time they are a newborn until they are 5 years old. I found that the child development course was useful information not only for my career as an ECE but also for when I plan to have a family of my own.


Another one of my favourites was the emerging curriculum course. To be completely honest I really didn’t enjoy it at first. It challenged a lot of the ideas I had about how childcare and preschool programs should run and their goals for teachers and for children’s learning.

The course opened my mind to the possibilities of making child care more child focused by taking their ideas and turning them into activities and lessons for the program.

It also shed light on the teachers’ role as a facilitator of children’s learning. This course was one of my favourites because it encouraged me to open my mind to something that could possibly better the quality of care I was going to provide to children.

One of my other favourite courses was the module we just finished on guiding and caring. We learned about the five steps to problem solving and the guiding principles behind discipline as an Early Childhood Educator. I’ve always felt a bit lost when dealing with two children who are in a conflict because I wanted to be fair without making one child feel like their opinions weren’t taken into consideration. The five steps to problem solving give very clear guidelines as to how to deal with a conflict in a way that is teaching children how to problem solve on their own as well as making sure there is a fair outcome for both children. I also appreciated learning about the guiding principles to discipline. These guidelines ensure that there is always a positive relationship between the teacher and the child and the teacher and the parents. That way the end result is always centered on the child and helping them solve their own problems in order to prevent repeated mistaken behaviour.

Overall I have gained a lot of knowledge of all of the different ways an Early Childhood Educator can enrich the lives of children. The three courses mentioned above were my top three favourite courses because I believe they opened my mind, challenged my ideas and provided me the skills to be the best possible ECE I can be.

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