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As my second practicum starts to come to a close I have been reflecting on all that I have done and learned since I started the Early Childhood Education program last year. I’m feeling very grateful that I have had the opportunity to learn so much in the classroom and in the field that has got me to the place I am at today.

Learning all of the practical knowledge in class about the development of the whole child, in all developmental areas has really stuck by me when handling situations out in the field. All children are so different and unique and because of that sometimes we meet children who are so mature intellectually that sometimes we forget that they are only three and still have a hard time emotionally and socially. There are also children who are very developed emotionally and socially and are great at sharing and understanding the feelings of other children but may struggle when trying to write or colour because they are still developing intellectually and physically. It can sometimes take great patience to understand each child and how they are developing but it makes such a huge difference to the relationships we can establish with them when we encourage their strengths and support the areas in which they are still developing.


Another thing I am so thankful for was all of the time spent creating all of the resources we did in class. Having the base knowledge of what is needed to develop age appropriate activities for children and starting my repertoire of resources has helped me significantly out in the field.

I feel as if I am going into the work force not only as myself as an educator but also with this great amount of resources, activities and curriculum ideas. I know that I can continue to grow these ideas and activities and that it will help make me an asset to a future employer.

Finally, I am so grateful for all of the connections I have made throughout the last year. From my instructor and my classmates to all of the outstanding teachers I have met through practicum, I now have this amazing network of educators to help support my career. I have learned so much just from watching how people do things in the classroom and out in the field. I have gained so many great ideas for curriculum development thanks to the amazing programs I have had a chance to witness from observations and practicum and for that I am so thankful.

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