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Resources… One of the most useful tools but most tedious tasks in our program. In the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program we are lucky enough to be given multiple resource ideas and plans that we can create and will be able to use on practicum or throughout our time in the field.

Our instructor Sharmaine gives us a number of resources each module and shows us lots of examples of ones that she has created and that have been successful out in the field. We have been given probably over 100 songs, games, felt stories, science, math and art activities, which is both amazing and frustrating. Our work in ECE is never really finished as when you’re done working on assignments, projects and presentations there are always resources left over to be colored, cut, laminated or made out of foam, felt or other materials. The job of an ECE is essentially constantly crafting, which I love! But I’m pretty sure is going to give me carpal tunnel.

It’s hard to imagine all the time and effort that Sharmaine and Pat (the ECE program coordinator) have put into buying, finding, creating and printing resources for us and I know we are all very thankful for what they do.

There are many ECE programs that do not send you out on practicum or into the field with already completed resources. As much as I love Pinterest, I think that having something pre prepared and having a place to start from is going to put us a step ahead when we go out and hopefully impress our practicum sponsors and possible future employers.


What I would say for anyone new to or looking to start the ECE program at Stenberg would be to do your best to keep up with your resources.

My personal preference from the beginning was to fully complete a resource before starting another one and to put it away in my file. With that being said we are 7 months into our program and I have about 40 completed resources and half a binder full of coloured resources that still need to be cut and laminated, which causes me a bit of stress. What does help though is that I have organized what I have completed into binders. It’s also helpful that for each module we do in the different curriculum areas we have an assignment that requires us to have ‘files’ for different sections such as ‘Language and Literature’, ‘Music and Movement’, ‘Science, Socials and Math’ etc.

As time consuming as resources can be, I am very appreciative that we have so many activities already created to do with children when we head out into the world of Early Childhood Education. As I’ve said so many times before, I can’t wait!

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