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A little bit about me: I am a single mom of a 9 year-old year boy with Autism.  I was staying at home with him working with him and his therapy programs.  I volunteered at his school for 2 years before coming to Stenberg.  I helped mostly with the Grade 5 classes and with the Learning Assistance Classes.

I saw the huge need for SEAs and realized the passion that I have for helping not just my own child but all children.  I have always loved working with children and wanted to pursue this.  My son was at a point where he could be more independent and did not need me to stay at home anymore.

I choose Stenberg College for several reasons.  The first reason was that one of my son’s SEA is a graduate of Stenberg College and I saw firsthand how amazing she was with him and how she talked about Stenberg College.  The other reasons were after researching Stenberg College and comparing it to other programs out there, I saw that there were many things that were offered as part of the curriculum here that I could not receive anywhere else.  I also like the fact that it was a 10 month program, which allows me to get out into the field much faster.  The final reason was the reputation that Stenberg College has with the various school districts.

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