Becoming a Full-Time Student Again

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I wanted to tell you a little bit more about my transition to becoming a full-time student again. I had been a full-time student in College before. I thought I knew what to expect. I knew that it would be very different than high school.

I was really excited to start my course and nervous too. I had all the typical first day jitters. What would my classmates be like, what would our first instructor be like? We had our orientation and went over all the policy and procedures about being absent and how to write an essay in the format that was expected for our program. All of the usual “student stuff”. Then the next day we got right into our first course of Computer Fundamentals.

The last time that I was in school, I was single and younger. I have noticed that this time around it has made a difference being an older student and having a child. I have to be so much more organized and structured. It has taken me some time to figure out a schedule that works for my family. I come to school early in the morning and do extra studying then. I like to reserve the evening time for family time whenever possible. The biggest obstacle for me has been that with the course being a condensed course the work load can get busy and there is a lot to do. This has really impacted the amount of outside activities I can be involved in. I love to do volunteer work as well. I have really had to take a look at my priorities and decided what was realistic for me to do and what I would have to let go of for whilst I was in school. My number one priorities are my family and my schooling.

I expected the transition back to school to be very smooth for me and was surprised when it was a bumpy one for me. I did not expected to be as tired as I was. We are always structured in my house due to my son’s exceptionality so to have to put even more structure in place was a shock to me. My family and friends have helped tremendously. The key has been to have realistic expectations. I don’t have to be wonder woman.

Being an older student is also impact my learning in ways that I did not expect. Some of these ways are definitely for the better. I am finding that my life experiences bring so much to the classroom and enhance my learning. Sometime it can make it a little challenging too, but nothing that is not beyond what I can do. One of the great things this time around is that I definitely know that this is what I want to do and is so much more motivated to do this. This is a great program. The instructors really help you if you get stuck or are struggling.

Have a great Christmas and New Year’s.

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