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As I’m nearing the end of our class, I have found myself reflecting back on the courses I have taken in this program. I truly enjoyed all of my classes because they challenged me as a student to improve upon my academic skills and additionally helped me open my mind up to many things that I was not aware of about humans and children in general. Having said that, my favourite classes were SEA 100 Learning Adaption, POPARD, and SEA 110 Life Span Development.
The SEA 100 course focused on different learning strategies and on the development of the brain. The focus was on how learning is developed for neuro-typical children and children with special needs. This course was very interesting for me because I have been always fascinated by the human brain, learning, developing and behaviours.This course enabled me to explore psychoanalytical, cognitive, behavioural, social cognitive, bio-ecological, humanist, and evolutionary subjects. This course has taught me a lot things that I did not know about. One of the books that was provided by this course was a miraculous one and the title of the book was “Welcome to your Brain” by Aamodt, S. & Wang. What caught my attention which made me read the entire book was the subtitles below it, as it said “why you lose your car keys but never forget how to drive?” This got me reading the entire book as the titles of each chapters were captivating. This book is very informative and educational and can open anyone’s eyes to a number of things that the reader did not know beforehand. The second class that I enjoyed very much was POPARD class which I have dedicated my last blog about.  

The third class that I took a pleasure in was the SEA 110 Life Span Development. In this class not only did I learn about different theories in the field of developmental psychology and how human beings develop in different stages from pre-natal to adolescence, but I also discovered myself. The first discussion form we wrote was to describe our personal growth and the experiences we recalled at different stages of the life-span. We wrote many forms in regards to our experiences in this class. My final assignment was an essay based on my life stage development and what experiences I recalled in the different life stages according to psychologist Erikson. When I wrote that essay, I opened myself up to my old experiences which helped me realize how important those events were for my growth as an adult, my growth within this program and the unfolding of my life.
I have thoroughly enjoyed all these classes because I am passionate about the career that I have chosen. I know that passion and motivation are the key’s to success. All of these courses that I took challenged my abilities as a student and honed those abilities so that now I can “take the bull by its horn”.

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