Education Assistant Practicum Part 2

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Hi Everyone,

I’m sorry it has been so long between my blogs.  I was on my second practicum.  It was such an intense experience and kept me so busy.  For my second practicum I got to experience what a high school was like.  I learnt so much from this placement, in some ways even more than I did from my first one.

When I was on my elementary school practicum I went into it with a fairly good idea of what happens at the elementary school level.  I thought I had an idea of what happens at the high school level too.  Especially as the high school I ended up being placed at was one that I had done an interview at about the program for one of my courses.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!  It was quite a shock the first day all around.  The students were all so tall, the program was so differerent than what I thought it would be.  I felt like a fish out of water and like I had been put on an alien planet.  The first couple of days I was scared that I was going to get lost the school was so big!  I never actually did get lost – phew!

The staff in the program were welcoming and helped me to get to know my way around.  The students were great.  I found that it was a much more laid back atomsphere than that of elementary school.  I think that had to do with the age of the students.  I found that really challenged me to grow in my practice as an special education assistant as I thrive in a very organized and structured environment.

The high school practicum was all about helping build independence and what is next for the students.  It was great to see the difference in the ages and the sort of work that you will do as an Special Education Assistant.    I got to see the different types of programs that exist at the high school level for those students that have varying level of exceptionalities which was a great experience.  This can range from being supported in the classroom to being in the skill development room.

I had a different monitor for my second practicum.  She was fabulous!  Stenberg College really does a great job with the Monitors.  They check in on site with us weekly, and are available by phone, text, or email should the need arise during the practicum.  Both of my monitors were great about giving good feedback and being supportive.  They know just how to keep you motivated and get over any tough spots that you might be facing.  The practicums just flew by.  It is hard to believe that I am finished them.

Stay tuned for my next blog about what is next.

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