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Well everyone, it is hard to believe that my time as a student at Stenberg College has come to a end.  My practicum has ended!  We have just had our wrap – up.  It still seem so surreal.

When I started this journey ten months ago, it seemed like this day was so far off and would never come.  The Special Education Course has been very intense and there were definitely days that I did not know if I could do this.  I am so glad that we have had supportive instructors and for the suport of my family and friends.

You’ve already heard me tell you about my practicum experiences with the sites.  Now let me tell you a little bit about the other part.  Just prior to starting our practicum, we completed our Career Strategies Workshop.  In this workshop we learnt how to do our resume and got to do a mock interview.  Once we were on our practicum we started getting some emails from the College about job opening that were available in the various school districts and how to apply for them.

Once we had finished our practicums, we also had a course wrap-up where we got to meet with some human resource personnel from two school districts and learn about their hiring process.  We also had some food and got to share stories of our practicums with each other.  We got our diplomas at that time as well.  It was quite the exciting day.It was great to see classmates again that we hadn’t seen for the last two months and to catch up on each other’s news as well.

It is really great that Stenberg College helps with forwarding job opportunities to us afterwards.  They really do want us to succeed in our chosen field.  The Alumni office is available to us anytime we need now that we have graduated and we can even take upgrading courses with Stenberg in things like Popard. There are no time limits imposed, unlike some schools who impose time limits on how long you can access support.

I am very excited for the next step now that I have my diploma as a Special Education Assistant.  I know that I can get a job anywhere in the province and in a variety of different settings ranging from schools to camps to working with children with exceptionalities in other settings.  This course has only confirmed for me that this is an amazing field and is very much needed.  I wish you all well on your journeys and what you decide to do with your futures.

Have a great summer.

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