First Day Jitters at Stenberg

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First day jitters were a feeling I didn’t expect to have when I walked through the glass doors at Stenberg for my first official day of class. All the usual nerves accompanied me as I strolled down the hallway to find my class before finding myself lost in a sea of new and unfamiliar faces. Once I found my room, grabbed a seat off to the side. I could feel my heart rate dropping, my anxiety was calming down. As more and more people entered the class I was in, my anxiety and nerves were replaced with excitement.

Like all new classes, we had the usual “get to know everyone” icebreakers which I found fun and at times highly entertaining (who knew Donald Trump would be such a conversation stopper?). As we went around the room spilling mini bios of ourselves, I watched as one by one my classmates became more comfortable. No longer was anyone overcome by fear or anxiety. By the end of the night I knew that enrolling in school would be the best decision of my life. I was so anxious to actually learn!

As the first few weeks dragged on, we were learning more and more about one thing, the art of communication. I mean who knew talking would be an art form? When you think health care, typically you don’t think of communication techniques; you think hustle and bustle trying to save lives right? Wrong. 

As I learned throughout the duration of my course, was just how important communication is when trying to treat someone. Thanks so my amazing teacher I now know how to use communication as a tool to my advantage, especially in situations where talking is not an option. The one thing that I’d say I took for granted before attending the HCA course was body language. You can essentially read a person’s mind through the way they conduct their body language. This tool is essential to me now in my everyday life. It’s crazy to think of something so beneficial and simple was going unnoticed for so long.

Another thing that surprised me was my classmates. We had such a variety of students all with one shared goal, putting others well-being before our own. It is a special feeling waking up and going to class everyday and sharing the same passion with 14 other people. When I was in University a couple years ago, I didn’t get the chance to know half of the people that sat in the same room as me. The amazing thing about this school is that even if you’re not physically in the same class as someone, you feel like you get to know them. I really appreciate that dedication to a “family unit” that Stenberg has strived for.

All in all my entire program as a health care assistant has been everything I hoped it would be and then some! I love learning new things and I can’t wait to continue on and keep you all posted!

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