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One great thing about Stenberg College is its location! The campus is located on the 7th floor of the tower located at Central City Mall beside SFU. There are so many different ammenties offered between the campus and the mall that there is no shortage of options for food, studying areas, maybe a bit of shopping on your break to celebrate a good grade 😉 etc.

The school offers many options for students that need help as well, they have ESL classes for students that need English support and there are student support services that help you study better and help prepare you for exams. There is also a women that helps you revise your work on projects before you hand them in. Stenberg is always having events happen on Campus, they are very involved in the community as well. The goal is to get students involved within the college and get people to build friendships and support systems. Since I have been there we have had many different event’s on campus – my favorite was when we celebrated the Indian Holiday Vaisakhi !The college provided Samosas, spicy potato pancakes and some sweet Indian treats , it was very good and my classmates and I all enjoyed a little break to sit and chat with each other on things beside school 🙂 . They have also done Jean’s Day that is done to help raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital – Everybody wore jeans and at the front Reception of the college they had pins and buttons for sale for which proceeds went to the Children’s Hospital. It felt really nice that as a college and a group of people, we all supported such a great cause – I saw many jeans and lots of buttons that day! There was also lots of jerseys being worn while the Canucks were still in the run for the Stanley Cup. It is so nice to see that people really want to be involved in things around campus and it makes the whole “college experience” that much better.

In regards to student amenities, there are many options for students to study and relax around campus. There is a student lunch room that has a fridge, a microwave and a vending machine. The nice thing about the vending machine is that there is healthy options in there as well, I like that the school recognizes that healthy options should be available for those who want it. There is also a student lounge/ library where students can use the books there and have a quiet place to study if they need it. There are also computers that students can use to help with their studies or a project.

There is also lots to do having the mall right where you attend school! There is a food court with a variety of different place you can eat, there is a Tim Horton’s which knows me by name now 🙂 There is also a gym which I find convenient that you can go either before class or after, plus there are many different stores to visit when you are on a break or get to school a little early and have some time to kill. All in all I find that with everything that is available between the Campus and the mall there is always something fun to do and ways to help you become a better student.

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