Meet the Health Care Assistant Program Instructors

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So far since I’ve been in school I have had 3 different instructors. Each very different , this blog is going to be about them , their teaching styles and what they bring to each course they teach.

My first instructor was Steve – He was the teacher for the orientation module. I wish I would have be able to have him as an instructor for more than just one week! He helped put us on the right path from the get go, he was there to help mentally prepare use for what we were about to embark on during the course of our program.  He is one of the smartest men I’ve met, I could’ve sat there and picked his brain for hours on end. Stenberg did a great job in choosing such a wonderful instructor for the first course as this was our first impression of what school was going to be like. He really helped me figure out what kind of learning style suites me best, the best way to study and how to be the best student I can be.

My Second Instructor was Harminder , she was my instructor for Communications in Nursing and for Anatomy & Physiology. She was a very knowledgeable instructor as she is a doctor from India and has lots of life experiences and stories to tell. She was able to break down everything to ways I could understand(A&P can be very hard and was a very intense course). She really helped prepare us for what we needed to know and the best ways to remember things ie) circulation of blood through the body and the way all the different body structures work. During the communication in nursing module she was also a very good teacher as she has worked in the medical field for many years and knows how to talk to patients/clients. She really helped teach us how to speak with people and how effective different forms of communication work. She showed us our strong points and areas we need to work on when it comes to our own personal approach in communication.  She was always there should we need extra help with something or couldn’t quite understand something. On a personal note she was always there too, if you need her she will be there.

My third instructor was Merliza , she taught us quite a few different modules and is currently my teacher right now. She started as a health care assistant herself and is now a LPN working towards becoming an RN. The fact that she has worked directly in the field that we are about to enter is extremely helpful. She has been through it all and has many stories and experiences that she shares with us to help us once we start working. It’s nice to have a teacher that has been an HCA because she can really help prepare us for what to expect – she has been there and knows the ins and the outs. She is so friendly and easy to approach with everything.

I have been very impressed with all the staff at Stenberg and the amazing instructors make Stenberg another reason what I am happy that this is where I chose to go to school. I feel like the college and staff are doing everything they can to help prepare me for my new career I will be starting. This really boost everyone’s experience of school because we know and feel the instructors truly care about us and how we do.

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