Simulation Dolls in the HCA Program

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SIMS dolls also known as simulation dolls. Hospitals all over the world use SIMS dolls to enhance the skills of their doctors, nurses and even care aids. They are an excellent tool to practice your skills and perfect them so when in a real life situation you have the confidence to perform the skills effectively and safely. If you have never heard of them, or had the privilege to work with them I will give you a brief description of what they are. Basically they are life size dolls that can talk (unfortunately their lips don’t actually move it’s just a microphone in their mouth), scream, you can take their pulse and much more. SIMS dolls allow you to practice real-life-type scenarios to better prepare them for routine, complicated and emergency situations. We had the chance to work with them for one of our classes. We were divided into groups and each group was given a case scenario; stating a situation with the patient (SIMS doll) that we needed to check and treat. Of course at first it’s a little awkward being asked to give an enema to a doll who is crying and talking to you, but that’s half the fun in it!

It’s a really fun exercise because one person gets to be the voice of the doll. You can say what you want, scream if you want to throw off the person providing care. There are many different buttons that come along with each doll, a lot of, let’s just say “interesting” sounds that the doll can make. Some of which I have never even heard a human make. The dolls are also heavy so when you have a case scenario where your doll is half on the bed and half off you actually have to lift it back to bed the same way you would an actual human.

Working with the dolls was a great learning experience because you had to chance to practice your skills in situations that are a lot harder than the average ones you are given in everyday life at work. You also have more confidence while treating them because instead of having an actual person, it’s just a doll. So if you make a mistake you can allow time to correct yourself whereas in the real life moment you may not have another chance. The dolls perform numerous lifelike functions to help enhance training.

It was really great being able to practice real life situations on a SIMS doll. Our teacher was right there with us the whole time explaining what she would do and again giving us tips and tricks. Not all schools get the opportunity to allow their students access to SIMS dolls so it was really great when I found out that Stenberg had them (I think they have four or five) and that we would be able to practice with them. If you choose the take the HCA program at Stenberg College you too will get the chance to work with these amazing dolls!! (It still sounds weird saying that dolls are so cool but they really are!)

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