Starting on the path to becoming a Health Care Assistant

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I seriously can’t believe how fast the first few weeks of class went by. I have to start out by saying that Stenberg has really exceeded my expectations about going back to school. I previously attend another school in the past and I can say that Stenberg really surprised me (in a good way!) with everything that they do. They really do care about you as a student and want to see you succeed in which ever course that you have chosen to take. I think the first thing that really showed me just how different Stenberg was on my first day of class , I was expecting to go over a few “first day of school” things and then expected to jump right into the course and boy was I wrong. The first course that I was doing was the “Orientation Course”. This course is designed to help prepare students for what is ahead of them and to help them learn how to be the best student they can be. I especially liked how they helped me determine what kind of learner I am – I found out that I am a Kinesthetic learner which means that I learn best being hands on with the material that I am learning. I really appreciated how Stenberg and my instructor really took the time to get to know me and what I need to be the best I can. This first orientation course really helped prepare me for the journey I am about to embark on over these next 7.5 months.

Over the last couple weeks I have been learning all about being the best Health Care Assistant I can be. We’ve been really focusing on communication, health and healing concepts and what I as a health care assistants will be doing when I am in the field working with clients. Again I found that my instructors really took the time to get to know me and wanted all my classmates and myself to succeed in the course. I’ve found all the course material super interesting and all the instructor’s very knowledge. I’ve been learning how important communication is in all aspects of your working environment (with clients, their family members and your co-workers) and we are also learning different ways to help care for the client. I love learning how I am going to be able to help someone that may not be able to help themselves. All the material is so easily laid out and I find all the classroom discussion very helpful! There is so much information and skills that I am acquiring that I can’t wait to apply to real life situations.

I love that I am learning a whole different side of health care that I didn’t know before , since I’ve been doing the administrative side of health care for so long I’ve never really gotten a chance to learn more than what I knew. I’m now getting to know how to work with people hands on and really helping them! I’ve so badly wanted to do this for long , I can’t wait for all the new techniques and skills that I am going to learn over the next few months. It such a difference between doing administrative tasks and working with people one on one , you get to learn so much from how to make your client feel at ease when times are tough to working with a family after they have lost a loved one. There is so much in class lectures and discussions and all the instructors have experience in the field , you really feel like you are getting all the possible tools you can get to becoming a Health Care Assistant. These few weeks have been such a whirlwhind – It’s on to Anatomy and Physiology , Wish me luck 🙂

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