Why Health Care Assistant?

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I’ve had a few people ask me “Why did you decide to become a Health Care Assistant?” Well the answer for me is simple – I want to help make a person’s last years ones they can enjoy and feel fulfilled while living them. At one point most of these people were the ones taking care of us, raising the next generation and preparing us for the world. It don’t like thinking of someone that’s in their last chapter of life to be sitting somewhere alone and feeling unwanted. I also watched my grandmother and her battle with Alzheimer’s and how she struggled. I want to help people and families through that. I have worked in the medical field for about 5 years now as a Medical Office Assistant and at my last job I started working more hands-on with patients. I finally decided that I wanted to do more, I started really enjoying the interactions with my patients and realized that I needed to do something more with my career. Just doing the administrative side of everything was no longer fulfilling my needs to help. All these reasons were what drew me and lead me to my decision to become a Health Care Assistant.

For those of you that don’t know, a Health Care Assistant is someone that works with the elderly or people that have a long term illness or disability. They may work in the hospital, an assisted living environment, long-term care facilities or homecare (where you work at someone’s house). They help people perform their everyday activities, help with medical needs and can also provide companionship. A Health Care Assistant needs to be some that is empathetic, compassionate, patient and genuine. You really need to want to help people and enjoy what you do for a living. This isn’t just a job to the people you are looking after, it’s their life and they depend on you for help.

The reason I chose Stenberg College is because I’ve attended post-secondary school in the past and didn’t research much before I chose that school and I ended up having a negative experience. So this time around, I really looked in schools before I chose which one and Stenberg is the college that stuck out to me the most. The online reviews for Stenberg were all very good and I was very impressed to see that the last 3 groups of Health Care Assistant students were all working in the field – that’s 100% of their students working, pretty impressive. What sealed the deal for me was after I went into meet one of the program advisors and take a tour around the campus. Everyone there seemed so welcoming and I already felt like I belonged there before I even signed up , I am so happy that I’ve chosen Stenberg to be my college because I know everyone is there to help me become the best Health Care Assistant I can be. I am surrounded be wonderful teachers, support aids and classmates , this is going to be a whirlwind of an adventure and I am looking forward to every bit of it !

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