Farewell Stenberg!

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My journey taking the Hospital Support Specialist program wasn’t as smooth as I expected, but I’m so glad that I made it through to the end!

Looking back to a year ago when I  first started the Hospital Support Specialist program to where I am now, I can see that I have improved a lot. I was a shy person when I first started  the program, and was not used to being around many people and standing up and talking in front of  my classmates was very uncomfortable. Now, not only have I became more confident in myself  but I also made a number of close friends by taking this program.


The instructors in this program were very educated people, who I really admired, all of them are not only teachers but they also had experience working in the field that they were teaching. Not only did they use references, but they also taught us using their real life experience. For me this is an example of a good instructor. The students will be able to compare the book references to the practical experience of their instructors and apply it in their future employment.

I remember my sleepless nights back during the time I was studying some of the really hard subjects. My kids saw me studying late at night and doing my homework all the time. I am just hoping that when they get old they will still remember what I did and I hope that will be a good example for their future schooling. I hope my experience will remind them how important it is to have a good education.

There was also a time I wanted to stop and give up because I had to leave my kids with someone else but I always thought about the reason why I was here. I always told to myself I was here because of my kids. I want to give them a better life and be able to save for their future. My success of completing this program was because of my family. I dedicate this accomplishment to my husband and children, who were always there to support me.

I had a really good experience with Hospital Support Specialist program. I have no regrets about taking this course; this is the best decision I have made in my life.

I think the best thing to remember before you go and decide to study is that you need to make sure what you really want to do first. I picked this program based on what I like to do, and where I want to work. My suggestion for people who want to change their life or career is to follow what you really want to do. Do the things that will make you happy and that you will enjoy doing. Don’t give up and don’t let any obstacles stop you from pursuing your dream. Follow what your heart desires and don’t give up without trying..

I am proud to say that Stenberg College helped me a lot from the beginning of my journey as Hospital Support Specialist until now. Without their support and my practicum placements I would not have met my future employer who trusted my work and knowledge during my practicum.

I was offered work as a casual during my practicum and I am looking forward to starting my journey and being a part of their amazing team. I am very proud to be one of the graduates of Stenberg College!

Congratulations to my entire HSS 0615 cohort-we made it guys!!!

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Elizabeth is a student in Stenberg's Hospital Support Specialist program. A former stay-at-home mom, Elizabeth has returned to school to pursue her education and establish a career.

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