Medical Imaging (The Final Hospital Support Specialist Course!)

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Finally, this is it! My last course is Medical Imaging to complete my program as a Hospital Support Specialist. After this course it’s on to my practicum in a hospital.

The first time I heard about Medical Imaging I was thinking about x-rays or different types of x-rays. I didn’t exactly know what our class would be like. I wondered if it would be the same as the last few courses we just had which was a combination of theory and practice.

I wrote this blog when I finished my first week of the course. It seemed to go by really fast. One week is already done and only 3 more weeks until I finish the last course. I foun that this one was more on theory setting, more on exams, more quizzes and assignments compared to the previous courses that we had as part of the Hospital Support Specialist curriculum. I want to say that it is very important not to miss any days in this class as this is fast pace; you are learning a lot in one day. I think similar to the other courses that we had, perfect attendance is a must. Aside from being present in the class, it is very important to focus and listen during the class and participate as well.

During the first week of class we learned the different roles of Medical Imaging staff, who the external and internal customers in the Medical Imaging were, what the clerical functions were, the importance of customer service, office etiquette and patient’s confidentiality. We also learned about basic equipment used and its functions. Aside from this, we also discussed the basic anatomy and commonly used abbreviations in Medical Imaging. I kind of reminisced the day when I just started learning my Medical Terminology. There is a good advantage having a medical terminology background because it is like reviewing and refreshing your memory to what you already learned.

I can’t believe I have come this far, I felt that it wasn’t that long but here I am in my last course!

In the next couple of weeks of this course, we are going to visit and have a tour in a Medical Imaging department at the Royal Columbian Hospital. We will have a chance to see the actual work of the staff, the equipment and the forms that they use. I am very excited and curious about what the environment will be like and meet the staff and see how they do their job. This will be our second tour at Royal Columbian, we are very fortunate to have a chance to see the different departments in one hospital and witness them on the job.

Aside from Medical Imaging we had during last week, we also did our final typing test. This is one of the important requirements to graduate as a Hospital Support Specialist and to be guaranteed to have a practicum at the hospital. I am very happy to share that I managed to pass my typing test and that I will be doing my practicum in a hospital!

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