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I was thrilled to start my practicums and apply what I have learned from the Stenberg Hospital Support Specialist program.

I was assigned to go on my practicums at two different sites which means two hospitals with different health authorities. I feel lucky to have had the chance to work in two different hospitals with different environments and work duties. They also used different software which I think is quite an advantage for my learning, because the more systems I am familiar with, the better.

I found my practicum very interesting; I learned that I can adjust to any environment they assign to me. Every week was a different learning experience for me and every day there were new things to learn. I got a chance to experience working as a Medical Office Assistant. I assisted patients and doctors, pulling out their reports in the system, making reminder calls and interacting with patients. I also did filing and reception duties in an outpatient department.

On the second part of my practicum, I was able to focus on clerical and administrative duties. With these experiences, I was able to evaluate which area of work really interests me. On my second site I got trained by different people who were doing different duties. I also experienced working on the evening shift which had different duties than the morning shift. Everybody was very patient teaching me, and they were always ready to provide me with answers to my questions.

Although this department was dealing mostly with patient charts, they have an important and difficult task to do.

Stenberg College Hospital Support Specialist program

They are responsible of taking care of the patient’s records and protecting the confidentiality of all the patient’s information which is not easy. You need to be accurate when inputting information and you need to make sure that you are permitted to release information to the person requesting the information.

At the end of my practicum I am very happy to say that I had a really good experience with both hospitals. It was a pleasure working with these skilled people who freely shared their knowledge and experience with me. The time at both practicums flew by; when you love something you do, you notice the time moves very fast!

I am very happy to say I received a job offer from the manager at the end of my second practicum! My manager told me that she has seen the hard work I put in during my practicum, and that she would like me to join her team.

I can honestly say that was one of the happiest days in my life. I am really happy not only because I got a job offer but also I really enjoyed working with the people in her department. Her management was really warm but still very professional. Her duties were well organized and her people were down to earth. I am not saying this because I got a job offer to work as a casual, I am saying this because this is what I experienced during my 3 weeks of practicum. The assistance they gave me was exceptional, and I’m excited to work in this kind of environment.

My advice for future practicum students is to try to do your best when you are in the practicum. Be professional at your practicum like you would when you are working in your real job.

Be on time and if you have any doubt always ask questions. Always remember why you are in the practicum and remember your goals in life; this will help you make it to the finish line.

Good luck to the next batch of Hospital Support Specialists. There are a lot of possible opportunities for all of us in this career. Just do your very best and work hard towards your dream!

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Elizabeth is a student in Stenberg's Hospital Support Specialist program. A former stay-at-home mom, Elizabeth has returned to school to pursue her education and establish a career.

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